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Danielle GOUREVITCH - Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Paris

Danielle GOUREVITCH, LIMOS KAI LOIMOS. A study of the Galenic plague, Paris, De Boccard, 2013.

Copy-editing work

A fascinating and enriching collaboration with Professor Gourevitch on the editing of her latest book written in English and published by De Boccard this year.


Danielle Gourevitch continues her investigation of pathocenosis in the Roman Empire in the footsteps of Mirko Grmek and his seminal work Diseases in the Ancient Greek World. After Les Maladies dans l’art antique which she wrote with him, and building on her Giovanni pazienti di Galeno, as well as Pour une archéologie de la médecine romaine in this collection, she now follows the trail of a cataclysmic epidemic, the first smallpox epidemic in the classical world, a loimos which, in a context of poor nutrition, lack of food and even famine, limos, devasted the Empire under Marcus Aurelius.


... I am very grateful to Alexandre Mitchell, a true bilingual scholar and antiquarian, for his kind help and for understanding my aims

D. Gourevitch, LIMOS KAI LOIMOS, p. 9